Show me the best sausage roll



Recently, I had a meeting in Paris and arrived uber early to Kings Cross St Pancras to hop on my Eurostar train to the city of lights.  Naturally I was starving and tired from a night of cocktails with the girls the night before…I thought I’d try Peyton and Byrne because I liked their sweet yet sophisticated bakery branding (and the cakes looked good too). 


It turns out (did YOU know this?), they serve the best sausage roll in London!  I know that’s saying a lot so if there are competitors you’d like to point out to me, I will be happy to go and try them.  But honestly, the crispy-yet-gooeyness of the pastry with the well-herbed meaty filling was the perfect hangover-cure.  And I didn’t feel like a greasy mess after eating it!  I need to find out if they have a recipe book…Tres Bon!