Monroe in London

There will never be another like Marilyn Monroe. She’s an huge inspiration to me and it was wonderful to see these iconic dresses and photos in person.  The clothes were absolutely amazing in their detail and beauty!  It is particularly striking how tiny she was.  She always filled in her dresses so nicely on the screen but was  lambasted for being ‘pudgy’ in fashion magazines of her day… absolutely ludicrous!

One thing that really comes through in her photographs is that she really knew how to look glamorous.  She could work her face and poses in such a way that looked at one, staged and spontaneous, glam and sweet, innocent and knowing.  I don’t know how she did but everyone who met her or worked with her always said she was just wonderful.

The photographs were from all parts of her career and life and showed a delightful array of memories.  From the famous press conference with Olivier at the Savoy to her at-home-time with Miller.  I say well done to the Getty images gallery for a lovely exhibition!