Beautiful Busts at the V&A

A worthy pastime I assure you!  I, after a long week of typing at a computer among other things, felt that a bit of relaxing creativity was needed.  I always head to my nearest museum when I need some beauty and romance and this time it was the V&A.  A few girlfriends and I all dusted off our sketchbooks and chose a bench to settle into for a few hours….after having a lovely pianist serenade us on the piano while munching fresh scones in the cafe of course!…first things first.

The sculpture gallery was a divine place to start and when we came upon this bust of Helen of Troy we knew we were hooked.  Her lovely marble curls weaving down her neck, the way her profile is turned away from us (making it very difficult to sketch but no matter), and the flowing lines of the pedestal made her a great subject.  The face that sunk a thousand ships eh?  Well I didn’t capture her particularly well but see here a sketch by my friend Daisy who is a true artiste creatif!  C’est tres jolie non?