YUMchaa! tea in soho was never so relaxing

After last week’s jaunt to a sample sale in Soho we were wearied and sopping wet from the constant drizzle so my good friend Socialatte and I escaped into the relaxing and fragrant embrace of Yumchaa tea house.  They take Tastecard also which is fantastic!  Their teas are all laid out in tiny little cups on the countertop so that patrons can smell before trying…genius!

I wanted something nice and floral and woodsy so I went for their tea called ‘Regents Park’.  It was divine.  The jazzy old-timey music and handicraft/ wooden decor matched perfectly with their range of loose leaf teas.  Watching the rain outside as dusk settled with our cups of tea was exactly the soothing experience we needed.  I highly recommend it!