Pan-fried Eggs with Sage in Shoreditch

I had a good friend visiting from DC and she wanted to go to this quaint little place in Shoreditch called, Leila’s Shop.  It’s on Calvert tucked away on a sleepy little roundabout along with a couple boutiques and old brick buildings.

We had no idea what to expect and the worn unpainted wooden feel was very welcoming as we came in from the early morning rain drizzling outside.  The girls who work in the kitchen were awkward in a sweet way and seemed green to the cafe business but they were always there in case we needed anything.

The food was so homemade it seemed almost too easy!  It tasted delicious but I’m not sure I want to pay 9 pounds for eggs on toast which I could easily make at home.  The twee atmosphere and homey presentation to the food (milk saucers, bread baskets and eggs made and served in frying pans) seems to be the draw here and I agree it was very nice and relaxing.  We even met Leila (pronounced ‘Lye-la’) and her mother there having breakfast as well!  Not sure I would go back unless I was desperate for overpriced eggs but it was yummy and an interesting place :-) xx

Leila’s Shop
17 Calvert Avenue
E2 7JP
020 7729 9789