Coming to San Francisco: Homeward Bound


Hello Lovelies!

So, I have now landed and gotten a chance to relax in my little hometown outside of San Francisco.  I will definitely post about my adventures on this vacation but first a word about the journey.  This time feels a bit epic because I haven’t been home to visit (from my new nest in London) for about a year and 5 months!  It’s far too long to be away from family…my brothers are nearly grown!


The flight:  I was lucky enough to bag a Virgin Atlantic flight.  With their glamorous stewardesses, free cocktails and extra legroom (for those of us over 5-10!), it was well worth it.  The non-stop flight from London was mostly uneventful, I had a window seat and shared the row with a lovely Russian girl about my age.  I have to say, for all my chattiness, I am one of those people who wants to retreat into their own world on a plane…DON’T talk to me.  Here are a few tips for those of you like me who like to be left alone on 11 hour transatlantic flights…

1. Put in your earphones immediately

2. Don’t make eye contact with anyone…except the stewardesses, they work hard to make you comfortable so be nice

3. Cough or sneeze noisily

4. Read the security pamphlet for 20 minutes and place the air-sickness bag in easy reach in as obvious a manner possible

5. Carry a soft eyemask with you (the ones they have are scratchy!) and put it on immediately after takeoff.

6. Enjoy your flight!


The Border: It always irks me how hot and stuffy and loooong those customs queues are.  Can’t they have us all sit on nice armchairs on a conveyor belt that moves us towards the border control desks?  The two things I appreciate about landing in the USA is that my line as a citizen is usually shorter and that they have a WELCOME VIDEO!!

I absolutely love how cheesy it is.  No other country I have visited has such a thing and this one takes the cake.  It shows barbecues, picnics, truckers, army men and women, business meetings, all ethnicities and age groups equally represented of course and everyone having the most fabulous time of their lives.  There’s a good deal of good old-fashioned flag waving too.  Brits must think we’re crazy but I kinda love it.  My favourite thing about getting through customs is when you finally finish your question-answer time and the agent says ‘Welcome Home’.  I think that’s lovely.


The first meal:  OH HO.  You didn’t think I would forget this part did you?  I plan on posting a few pictures of this one later in fact.  For me, it’s always In ‘n Out Burger.  It’s on the way home from the airport and it’s just that taste of home that I always miss.  (ok there are quite a few tastes of home I miss but I’ll post about those another time) I get a cheeseburger with grilled onions, a chocolate milk shake and fries (for dipping into the milkshake of course!).  There is nothing like the freshness and taste of those burgers.  When oh when will they come to London!  I’ll just have to schedule more vacations because that is the way to start it off right.