My new obsession: Pinterest and ‘pinning’ things

I know I know it is so passe to say something is your ‘obsession’ or even to use french words, tout les moments when english ones will do.  *swoons onto the sofa with disdain*…………….but let’s do it anyway!

My graphic designer friend Chloe has introduced me to Pinterest and ooh la la I love it!  If you’re not familiar with it, it is a new social networking site on which you can create a profile, follow friends, add friends and pin images you like to your ‘boards’.  A ‘board’ is like a mood board design.  It is some place where you pin images of things that inspire you or that you simply like.

On facebook you post, on twitter you tweet and on Pinterest you pin. There’s a little pinning tool which you can drag to your toolbar on your browser and use to ‘pin’ any photo you find on the web, as you browse, to one of your boards.  Your profile and boards are visible to everyone on pinterest and the idea is that it is an open place for people to share images and photos and stumbleupon (who’s on that one anymore btw?) new inspiring content.

It is especially fantastic if you have a project in mind like planning an event or decorating an apartment.  Or if you’re a fash-whore like me, just pin lots and LOTS of pretty pictures of glamorous ladies in dresses :-)  I think you should try it…you might get hooked.  My Pinterest is here: RubyRandolph

Here are my current Pinterest boards: