Eating our way across LA – An Ode

Indulge me in reliving, for a moment, the myriad of delicious flavors I indulged in when I visited my best friend in Los Angeles last month.  We went all across the city on a manic and delightful food-cruise for 3 days…here are our favourites.

El Cholo mexican cafe…it’s got that 1950s throwback vibe and the burritos are delicious…evidently Marilyn Monroe ate there too!  I like to pose very naturally for photos clearly.

Sprinkles cupcakes…Madeline loved the 24-hour cupcake ATM but we went inside for our red velvet treats.

Cheesecake factory…when oh when will they bring them to London!  I had caramel and brownie truffle with whipped cream on the side.

Diddy Riese…Westwood’s treasure.  At 11pm at night the line was halfway down the block and worth every bite of the pecan and chocolate chip cookies with butter pecan ice cream that I ate in 30.9 seconds.