Something Funny About California

During my trip to California in May, I stumbled upon some products and situations that just tickled me.  They are, as I would say, ‘giggleable’.  I hope you enjoy them too :-)

1. Signature Sprinkles cupcake topper

2. Ronald McDonald comforts a forlorn shopper at Walmart

3. Toilet in which the seat is ridiculously and uncomfortably close to the wall so as to smash you into it

4. Beer and Cider blends!  I feel Englishmen everywhere shiver…

5. Hummus salad dressing.  What can’t hummus do?!

6. Egg in cartons…haven’t seen that in London yet.  Must be a California thing, we don’t like to know where things come from and we’re very lazy.

7. Pre-sliced hard boiled eggs, a treat for the ultimately lazy.  I guess the phrase ‘ At least I know how to boil an egg’ no longer applies.

8. Cookie Butter, now a firm favourite of Trader Joes shoppers everywhere.  Tastes like gingerbread spread with cookie bits to crunch!