This Weather Calls for a New Hat

With the weather in London showing us more ‘fall colours’ than summer, I’m feeling a bit film-noir.  I find myself waking up to stormy clouds and thinking of dark face-veils, black gloves and deep crimson lipstick.  (The lipstick is a good work look, by the way, especially when you want to say ‘I really mean business’ today)

I recently attended the Brighton vintage fair ‘Vintage Nation’ and am now the proud owner of a beautiful new hat.  It is a vintage hat reformed and embellished by the lovely hat designer Jane Fairhead of Fairheads Headwear.  She is very talented and has a passion for hats new and old which is inspiring.  This hat, when perched just right makes me feel like a character in a Tim Burton film.  I love the cherries and the soft veiling which gives it a whimsical but darkly noir twist.

This particular day in the photographs, I wore it to the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum in London.  I always like to dress up for exhibitions…especially ones filled with glamour and artistic genius!  I did turn a few heads and even got a deep bow by a gentleman passerby…loved it.

-Ruby x