Split Screen Genius at the Saatchi Gallery

Last weekend I and a few friends, one pictured above, braved the rains in London and made our way to the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea.  It is in a fantastic location off of Kings Road and right by Partridges (where we get American food when homesick), Zara Home (always stop there) and a lovely Saturday food market (TRY the Caribbean salads and hummus).

Currently the Saatchi Gallery is host to an exhibition of many photographer’s work called ‘Out of Focus‘.    The many rooms (take breaks to absorb it all) of the gallery house a wealth of talented photographers’ work.  This ranges from landscapes, to portraits to tiled-large-scale work to whimsical photos of photos that have been manipulated.

Hover over the pictures above to see the photographer’s names or visit the Saatchi Gallery website.

My favourite collection was by John Stezaker, seen in the black and white photos above.  He has a vast collection of old Hollywood studio headshots and portraits that he has cut and physically spliced together to create a whole new kind of portrait.  Some of the half-faces are vaguely recognizable (I thought I saw Ann Miller and Ingrid Bergman in there) but most are smaller players who, when put together with another half-face, actually appear from far away as a normal and new complete-face!  It’s difficult to describe but incredible to stand and look at from different angles about the room.  I highly recommend seeing them in person….SPLIT SCREEN GENIUS.

Ruby x