Looking for a lux coffee break in soho?

What’s this?!  A beautiful coffee boutique in the heart of soho with exceptional store design?….FABULOUS! My friend and I wandered in on our lunch break while exploring soho.  It’s a grande homage to espresso with a very modern and sleek feel.

Nespresso is  clearly reinventing the way they want people to think and feel about coffee.  The boutique is not comfy or warm or relaxed, it is chic, modern and energetic.  When you walk into the store you are immediately compelled to walk around and explore as the space is very open.  It has a gallery feel to it with gloriously colourful pictures of Nespresso coffees and products spread across the walls and touch-screens everywhere showcasing the history and flavours involved in the Nespresso experience.

In the centre of the boutique (shop is far too plebeian for Nespresso) there is an oasis of espresso goodness.  Word to the wise, don’t try too many or you will leave delighted but jittery!  I wanted something sweet with a honey-like flavour so I tried the Dulsao from Brazil…strong and not quite as sweet as I wanted!  But I am not a true connoisseur yet.

The baristas are lovely and, of course, expert  in matching your palate to a coffee flavour.  They ALMOST had me reaching into my wallet for a mini-machine…Christmas maybe?