Borough Market, A Tomato-Lover’s Dream


For those of you who didn’t know………there is such a thing as the magical fruit known as CHOCOLATE TOMATOES! You can find them at the London foodie haven, Borough Market.

Yes, that’s right…chocolate tomatoes.  You can see them in the foreground of the second picture above and they are a brown-red, frankly ‘chocolatey’ color.  They smell gorgeous but sadly only taste like normal tomatoes.  Doesn’t matter, can you imagine serving your guests homemade bruschetta on artisan bread with a soft drizzle of olive oil, creamy Mozzarella and sweet diced CHOCOLATE tomatoes.

Here’s an amazing recipe, from the owner of the aptly named ‘Tomato Stall’, for Smoky Gazpacho

Ok, I will stop with the capitals but they’re just too cool for words.  Oh and did I mention Borough Market, where you can find said whimsical-fairy-foods, is open EVERY DAY during the paralympics?!

*deep breath* and scene.