Pitt Cue Co. – Take a Bite into BBQ

This week I went for lunch to foodie heaven…ahem…I mean Pitt Cue Co. in Soho, London.  It is an incredibly in-demand BBQ joint of great repute.  We waited for 30 minutes for a table to become free while drinking imaginative cocktails from the bar.  Then they led us down down down into a dimly lit basement with 4 wooden tables for customers.

The menu is simple…sausages, RIBS (capitalised for emphasis) and pulled pork.  You can have these on a bun or on their own with pickled salads and a choice of side.  I chose pulled pork with bbq beans, the American-style for bakes beans.  For the brave, you can even have extra meat!

Everything was so tasty and softly flavourful, my mouth waters even now thinking of it.  If you love barbeque, you must make this your next  pit-stop. Tomorrow cannot be too soon to visit again!

If you are nearby Southbank, there is also a Pitt Cue trailer there, featured recently on street feasts.

Ruby x