The Saatchi Gallery Has It’s Eye on Korea

The Saatchi Gallery always surprises and delights.  Their latest exhibition focuses on Korean artists and it called The Korean Eye.  According to their website: “It will also be the first time the Saatchi Gallery has helped curate an exhibition of this scale from work outside its own collection, selecting the final 33 artists from Korean Eye’s long list of 2000 artists who entered over 28,000 works for consideration”. 

I don’t have a degree in curating but clearly these people do!  The exhibition is well laid out with a variety of different mediums (and mixed mediums) that is a joy to explore.  I went there on a Sunday afternoon….WHO KNEW IT WAS OPEN ON SUNDAY?! My friend Yelena from SociaLatte and I wandered around for hours through the different rooms.

You really get the WOW factor right away as the first room to the left (I’m not a professional model so I can turn left) contains large sculptures of imploding tea pots soldered together with golden veins running through.  Pictures of people in rooms that seem to be dragging down hang on the walls and were some of my favourite pieces (see first photo above).

My other favourite piece was a room containing hologram-like photos which show a beautiful gallery with a naked Korean woman posing within…as you move around the room the woman becomes clothed and then naked again depending on where you stand.  I love how, in each photo, the woman is emulating a famous classical painting.  The 3rd and 4th photos above are referencing a very famous painting…comment below if you know what it is!

There were many references to tradition such as the imploding teapots, tea stirring itself (see above) and a roomful of large ornate vases sitting on packing crates.  The room with the wedding dress paintings was beautiful and surreal to walk through as well.  But then there were very modern pieces such as the fuzzy looking metal ball and a huge round orb made of wooden logs probably commenting on our reliance on consuming natural resource.  All in all, a well rounded exhibition which will satisfy your appetite for intriguing art.

Ends Sept 23rd so get in quick!

Ruby x