Ballgowns: Fashion’s Gift to the Princess Inside All of Us

I finally saw it!  The exhibition of my dreams…

The V&A Museum has a beautiful, glamorous, painfully pretty exhibition on right now called Ballgowns: ‘British Glamour Since the 1950’. It takes a look at some public and privately owned pieces of couture which have been worn by models, celebrities and royalty since 1950.

I ventured there with the effortlessly chic Yelena from socialatte and we had a girly giggly time wandering around the exhibit and commenting things like “Oh darling I’d only wear that in Monaco in the summertime” or “That would look great on anyone, the giant bow does wonders for the derrier!”.  One of my favourite parts was actually a short fashion film that is shown at the center of the exhibit which shows models from the 50s, 60s and beyond swishing and swaying in their dresses.  Ahhhh FASHION.

The exhibit also features, on the top floor up a princess-worthy (perfect theme) curved white staircase, ballgowns by contemporary designers.  The Gareth Pugh dress made out of a fiercely shiny silver foil material with a stunningly high collar took my breath away.  Likewise, the Atsuko Kudo couture dress made entirely of latex printed with a delicate lace pattern was a big crowd draw…no one could believe something so feminine and pretty could be latex!

To indulge the little princess inside all of us (or the big diva if you prefer) go see for yourself.

Ruby x


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Photos in post above taken by Ruby Randolph and the last photo by Socialatte