Revel In It: It’s Fun Being a Girly Girl

Last night I was filing my long nails into tapered points, painting them a shiny Ruby colour and sipping a Chamomile and honey tea while watching America’s Next Top Model and clipping beautiful editorials from magazines for inspiration.  Needless to say, during this fete a la feminine, I was surrounded by Fig and Vanilla scented candles and soft pink light coming from my lamps (with fuschia shades).  I think at one point Lana Del Rey was crooning a wistful song in the background…

I love being a girly girl and I’m very happy to embrace it. Whether you’re sporty, crafty, geeky, glam, quirky or girly…I think it’s FABULOUS to really revel in it!  One of my favourite lines from a film is when Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight screechingly tells her man who is trying to get her attention…”I’ve told you a MILLION times not to TALK to me when I’m doing my LASHES!”.  See for yourself :-)

Ruby x