Ticket Bookings Are OPEN! The BFI London Film Festival is Here

The Boys from Syracuse: “Light-hearted 1940s burlesque musical set in ancient Greece, based on Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, with irresistible evergreen songs by Rodgers and Hart.”

Lines of Wellington: “Valeria Sarmiento directs a spectacular Napoleonic saga, originally planned by Raul Ruiz, with a massive cast including John Malkovich as the Duke of Wellington.”

Great Expectations: “Mike Newell’s new adaptation of the classic novel stars Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch and Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham.”


Bookings to the public open today for the BFI London Film Festival and I’ll be with the rest of the mad dash to snatch them up!  It only happens once a year and this year is especially exciting for the BFI.  There will be red-carpet premieres for the big films like Great Expectations (see above) and Frankenweenie and then, scattered throughout the capital, we will have a chance to see some of the smaller independent films and, my personal favourites, sparkling new film-restorations of old somewhat forgotten classics.
There are so MANY choices available and the BFI has kindly split them all up into categories like ‘Love, Laugh, Dare’ so that you can choose by genre and feeling.  I’ll be going for tickets for one of the three above.  On your mark, get set, it’s MOVIE TIME!

Ruby x


Photos above taken from the bfi festival website.