Eyeglasses: The New Statement Jewellery – Exhibition at the London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion

The Fashion Space Gallery at LCF – Framed! Exhibition

The 1950s

My Favourite Section: Collaborations & Styling

The 1970s: Andy Warhol & Grace Jones

Jean Paul Gaultier Frames

Fabulous Visor Frames

Tatty Devine Eyelash Sunglasses

Jeremy Scott glasses seen on Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Proud to say I was the 3rd person to actually see the new ‘Framed! Contemporary Eyewear in Fashion‘ Exhibition at the London College of Fashion’s Fashion Space Gallery!  Early bird gets the worm eh? I wrote a post about it a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed my lunchtime jaunt there.  The show is on the first floor of LCF and takes up about 2 large open rooms of gallery space.  It is set up as a massive timeline of eyewear which you can explore from the 1800s through the swingin’ sixties, the glam eighties, the couture noughties right up until today.

The 1950s is where it really gets fun with women using eyewear as a statement piece of jewellery (and even a hair-holder-in-placer!) with large bejewelled horn-rimmed frames.  Then to the 60s with the even larger rounded lenses in many colours.  Icons such as Andy Warhol and Grace Jones are featured on the timeline wall and remind us that it’s the designers as well as the style-stars themselves who set the trends.

I’ve posted some of my favourites above and I have to admit that the ‘Collaborations & Styling’ section was my the most exciting to me.  I felt it showed the most creativity explored through the many designer collaborations displayed.  I can definitely see myself wearing the visor (if the sun comes back to London) if I’m feeling especially and daringly chic.  I also love the jewelled Jean Paul Gaultier frames above for serious a rock and roll edge.

The uber winners though have to be the Jeremy Scott ‘Minnie Mouse’ glasses (see the JS glasses on Lady Gaga in the Paparazzi music video or Beyonce in the Telephone music video) and the Tatty Devine lovelies pictured above.  I recently got to meet one of the lovely Tatty Devine girls at London Fashion Week and she let me try them on for fun!  They’re called ‘Eyelash Sunglasses’ but I’d like to call them ‘The Fierce-inators’ if that’s alright.  They look fantastic and would certainly add a bit of drama to any outfit. Iris Apfel would be proud.

There are over 200 pieces of eyewear from public and private collections on display.  Check it out and let me know which ones are your favourites!

Ruby x

Photos seen above taken by Ruby Randolph