Macarons, Cupcakes and Tea for FREE from Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall Tea Bus

Golden Square ready for tea!

Ruby’s friend trying on a ‘tea-party hat’

Ruby Randolph at the Royal Albert Hall Tea Party

Macarons and Cupcakes from Royal Albert Hall

New Royal Albert Hall Tea Set

Nothing in life is ever free…until now. Cakes? Macarons? Tea? Makeovers?  I was in shock just like you when I saw the Royal Albert Hall Tea Brigade drive into Golden Square on that crisp september morning last Friday.

I ran over to the bus and clapping with hilarious delight said, ‘Are you here?  Is it here?  Do you have cakes?  I saw you on Twitter!”  The sweet lady with the bright blonde curls said “Are you Poppy?” I sadly was not but they told me to return 11-5pm for a nice spot of tea and sweets.  I, of course, immediately emailed the entire office who perked up right away at the prospect of free goodies (like vultures to the fresh kill really).

Royal Albert Hall are doing this travelling trolley of tea to celebrate and promote the launch of their new tea set.  It is adorable and very Cath Kiddston and would make a great gift…to yourself :-). You too can experience the deliciously delightfully decadent (and complimentary) spread including free vintage makeovers and silly hats and mustaches to wear tomorrow Sept 26th at Bloomsbury Square and October 5th at Spitalfields. Tuck in!

Ruby x


Photos above taken by Ruby Randolph