Reverie by Chris Moon – a New artist Well Worth It

I’m one of those annoying people who doesn’t really like contemporary painting.  I know this is a rediculous statement to make because, how can you dismiss a whole generation, but it’s generally true for me.  I feel like there’s too much experiementation and not enough perspective.  Too often, artists just want to shock us with their ‘anti’ thoughts…anti-society, anti-government, anti-religion, anti-love, anti…

Chris Moon is different. His work is rich and mature with LOADS of perspective.  I’m not art expert but I’d personally describe it as blurry Toulouse Lautrec or dreamy Fancis Bacon.  I really like his new solo show Reverie and i feel it was curated especially well (not just because the curator is a friend of mine, John Paul Pryor :-). There must be so much pressure in curating a show for a newer artist as it is up to you to showcase their talent and outlook the best (and most commercial) way possible.  Shows are like extensions of the paintbrush and can easily fall flat!  Reverie was great.  The private view had a lovely crowd, cocktails with tiny umbrellas fitting in with the visual narrative of the paintings, a nice buzz, low lighting and a large three-room space which complemented the slightly dreamy artwork very well.

Reverie, as it is laid out, almost feels like a giant puzzle.  Throughout the many rooms in the LondonNewcastle gallery in Shoreditch are scattered many versions of the same paintings.  For example:  a small very precise oil painting of a family playing on the beach will be translated into a large pastel blurry oil painting in the next room.  Finally, in another room a very large format oil painting with has magnified a small corner of the small precise piece will be hanging.  Only when you traverse each room (perhaps more than once) would you notice this.  It’s a nice way to subtley prove that there is a theme to Reverie rather than brashly just placing all 3 paintings next to one another on a wall.    My favourites were the medium format paintings of singular figures that were very washed out and almost eerily haunted looking.  They were at once peaceful and dynamic and beautiful.

If you are a collector or just an art-lover, keep an eye on Chris Moon.  Reverie is on until October 13th.

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Photo of beach scene taken from FAD

Photo of Chris Moon taken from Sabotage Times