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Don’t ‘Waist’ time, it’s a Corset Sale!

If you have ever wanted to get that gorgeous curvy corseted look it’s you’re lucky day!  I may sounds like a snake-oil saleswoman but I just have to type in a bombastic-ringling-bros voice… Continue reading

Monroe in London

There will never be another like Marilyn Monroe. She’s an huge inspiration to me and it was wonderful to see these iconic dresses and photos in person.  The clothes were absolutely amazing in… Continue reading

My red scarf society

One weekend with my friend SociaLatte, we went to the Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the Getty image gallery in soho.  It was a red scarf kind of day so I secured mine with… Continue reading

Judy’s Vintage Fair – Spitalfields

The first saturday of every month find Spitalfields market in London filled with beautiful and extraordinary things.  It’s the best place for treasure hunters from all over the UK to gather to show… Continue reading