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Reverie by Chris Moon – a New artist Well Worth It

I’m one of those annoying people who doesn’t really like contemporary painting.  I know this is a rediculous statement to make because, how can you dismiss a whole generation, but it’s generally true… Continue reading

Diana Vreeland – a Documentary of an Exuberant Lady of Fashion

Diana Vreeland is the original fashion editor.  She really invented the role that now famous fashion faces like Anna Wintour (Editor for Vogue USA), Anna Dello Russo (Fmr Editor at L’Uomo Vogue )… Continue reading

Take a Fashion Shower with Anna Dello Russo at H&M

Thirty minutes from right now, in London, fashionistas will rush to join Anna Dello Russo for a FASHION SHOWER at H&M.  The, now famous, pop song called Fashion Shower is a genius way… Continue reading

Cuckoo for Rococo: My New Favourite Designers – Meadham Kirchhoff

Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff of Meadham Kirchhoff fame have become my new favourite designers.  WHY hadn’t I come across them before?! The SS13 show from the recent London Fashion Week was a… Continue reading

Eyeglasses: The New Statement Jewellery – Exhibition at the London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion The Fashion Space Gallery at LCF – Framed! Exhibition The 1950s My Favourite Section: Collaborations & Styling The 1970s: Andy Warhol & Grace Jones Jean Paul Gaultier Frames Fabulous… Continue reading

Ticket Bookings Are OPEN! The BFI London Film Festival is Here

The Boys from Syracuse: “Light-hearted 1940s burlesque musical set in ancient Greece, based on Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, with irresistible evergreen songs by Rodgers and Hart.” Lines of Wellington: “Valeria Sarmiento directs a… Continue reading

Your New Colour Palette Spring/Summer 2013 From Pantone

Greyed Jade, Monaco Blue and Poppy Red will be my colour choices for Spring/Summer 2013 thanks to Pantone’s fashion colour trend report.  The Fashion world is all a-buzz with the fashion week shows,… Continue reading

London Fashion Week – It’s FINALLY Here!

LOVERS OF FASHION UNITE.  London Fashion Week is here! The capital has been shivering with excitement all week as New York Fashion week has filled our tweet decks and our imaginations with inspiration… Continue reading

Framed! Eyewear Exhibition at The London College of Fashion

Today the London College of Fashion’s gallery called ‘The Fashion Space Gallery‘ opens with a new exhibition: ‘Framed! Contemporary Eyewear in Fashion‘.  This show launches the 2012-2013 season for the gallery and will… Continue reading

Total Recall: My Opinion on the Remake vs. Original

Total Recall is about a man living a mundane blue-collar everyday existence who dreams of something more….Literally.  He is awakened in the night by dreams of running away from something dangerous and failing… Continue reading