Framed! Eyewear Exhibition at The London College of Fashion

Today the London College of Fashion’s gallery called ‘The Fashion Space Gallery‘ opens with a new exhibition: ‘Framed! Contemporary Eyewear in Fashion‘.  This show launches the 2012-2013 season for the gallery and will… Continue reading

Total Recall: My Opinion on the Remake vs. Original

Total Recall is about a man living a mundane blue-collar everyday existence who dreams of something more….Literally.  He is awakened in the night by dreams of running away from something dangerous and failing… Continue reading

Someone’s ALWAYS Watching…and it’s Usually Google

I think everyone has had a paranoid feeling now and then that they are being watched.  This could be a product of the ever popular spy films we watch on a regular basis … Continue reading

Want to be Glam with a Sweet Edge?…Pink Hair

By now EVERYONE knows about the pink hair trend…quickly turning into the ‘pastel hair’ trend.  It began, as all good trends begin, with a brave view ladies and gents who loved standing out… Continue reading

Ballgowns: Fashion’s Gift to the Princess Inside All of Us

I finally saw it!  The exhibition of my dreams… The V&A Museum has a beautiful, glamorous, painfully pretty exhibition on right now called Ballgowns: ‘British Glamour Since the 1950’. It takes a look… Continue reading

The Saatchi Gallery Has It’s Eye on Korea

The Saatchi Gallery always surprises and delights.  Their latest exhibition focuses on Korean artists and it called The Korean Eye.  According to their website: “It will also be the first time the Saatchi… Continue reading

Spotted: Ruby At Vogue’s Fashion Night Out

Last night, Vogue’s Fashion Night Out took over the world!  I was thrilled to run around Regent Street with my gal-pal and we stumbled upon some good times.  So many parties went on… Continue reading

Pitt Cue Co. – Take a Bite into BBQ

This week I went for lunch to foodie heaven…ahem…I mean Pitt Cue Co. in Soho, London.  It is an incredibly in-demand BBQ joint of great repute.  We waited for 30 minutes for a… Continue reading

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out Hits London in a Big Way

Iiiiiiiit’s that time again! Vogue’s annual Fashion Night Out is taking over worldwide and I am looking forward to London’s celebrating.  FNO is this Thursday September 6th and will mostly be centred on… Continue reading

Shhhh Victoria’s Secret Has Been Revealed in London

Ladies and gentlemen, Victoria’s Secret has been unleashed on London.  A wave of pink and fierce femininity and sparkle and fun is upon us!  The latest American import to these shores opened last… Continue reading