My new obsession: Pinterest and ‘pinning’ things

I know I know it is so passe to say something is your ‘obsession’ or even to use french words, tout les moments when english ones will do.  *swoons onto the sofa with… Continue reading

Coming to San Francisco: Homeward Bound

  Hello Lovelies! So, I have now landed and gotten a chance to relax in my little hometown outside of San Francisco.  I will definitely post about my adventures on this vacation but… Continue reading

Pan-fried Eggs with Sage in Shoreditch

I had a good friend visiting from DC and she wanted to go to this quaint little place in Shoreditch called, Leila’s Shop.  It’s on Calvert tucked away on a sleepy little roundabout… Continue reading

Dita’s Scentsational Debut at Liberty

We’re about to get a little more glamour in the capitol!  Dita Von Teese is in town tomorrow (Apr 30) at Liberty to launch her perfume in the UK.  Thanks to the Cointreau… Continue reading

Whimsy-at-Home is Tres Chic

On the same day a few friends and I took up our sketchbooks and took ourselves off to the V&A, we stumbled upon a mini design exhibition hidden on one of the upper… Continue reading

I Took my Trench to Putney Bridge

This trenchcoat is my favourite by far.  It was one of those great charity-shop finds and says ‘J. Gallery’ on the label.  I thought I’d take it to Putney Bridge for the day… Continue reading

I Dreamed of Corsets

My corset arrived in the mail earlier this week.  I practically tore the box with my teeth I was so excited.  I’ve wanted to buy a proper corset and have been interested in… Continue reading

YUMchaa! tea in soho was never so relaxing

After last week’s jaunt to a sample sale in Soho we were wearied and sopping wet from the constant drizzle so my good friend Socialatte and I escaped into the relaxing and fragrant… Continue reading

Beautiful Busts at the V&A

A worthy pastime I assure you!  I, after a long week of typing at a computer among other things, felt that a bit of relaxing creativity was needed.  I always head to my… Continue reading

Don’t ‘Waist’ time, it’s a Corset Sale!

If you have ever wanted to get that gorgeous curvy corseted look it’s you’re lucky day!  I may sounds like a snake-oil saleswoman but I just have to type in a bombastic-ringling-bros voice… Continue reading