Dita’s Scentsational Debut at Liberty

We’re about to get a little more glamour in the capitol!  Dita Von Teese is in town tomorrow (Apr 30) at Liberty to launch her perfume in the UK.  Thanks to the Cointreau Prive parties last fall in London, I was able to snag a bottle which I have been wearing ever since.  You can see it here in the photos in its pride of place on my bedside table.  The scent is absolutely beautiful and makes you feel like you’ve fallen into a va va voom cloud of rich and exotic glamour…not exaggerating one bit!

The bottle is beautiful black glass and the classic perfume pump makes you feel like a diva just putting it on.  Unlike the norm with tacky celebrity perfumes, this one is really in a class of its own.  I’ve never smelled anything like it and I always get compliments when I wear it.  It’s delicious.

This is how Dita describes it:  “I wanted it to be a perfume that smelled exactly how I imagined it. A scent needs to reflect all the different facets of my personality. It had to be elegant, glamorous, sophisticated, sexy, dark, and mysterious.”

According to her website, Dita will be at Liberty tomorrow to meet fans and autograph photos and her perfume will only be available in store and online at Libertys!  Stock up ladies…I know I will.  I’m hooked! xx